1. A movement for artists who feel American and other art establishments rejects the talent behind the art void understanding and it’s balanced journey.
  2.  An abstract spiritual movement equilibrium as a consequence void of discrimination, always seeking  affirming acknowledgment of all artists and their art forms.
  3.  A movement encompassing the beauty of love, peace and thought performed in each brush stroke, or form or art solely promoting growth by the effort of an artist sharing their vision with the ignorant , under educated, under class, and socio-economic tolerance of all in spite of ethnicity.
  4. A movement of art expressionism manifested in helping others outside of accepted social norms and embracing impressionistic contemporary art.
  5. A non-judgmental movement of either conscious or naive rejectionism based not  on international bias and preference from art allowing freedom of ideas.
  6. A revolutionary movement embodying FLUXUS and MODERN art movements rejecting simple universal ideology based in hate or conception of art and the artist.
  7. A blatant rejectionism of socially accepted untruths in order for creative environments to thrive.
  8. A movement based in rejecting the rejector(s) and giving voice to the confused, quirky, mute tendencies… being ever present to develop understanding of free flowing expressionism on canvas, paper, walls, skin etc. to brighten peoples lives creating acceptance.

This is the river of NAIVE ABSTRACT ART REJECTIONISM MANIFESTO by an artist.

C. Emblem created 2017





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